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Welcome! Thanks for visiting King's Corner Store. Come in. Browse through our shop, select and buy top sellers in gifts, health & beauty, bed & bath, home furnishings, furniture, housewares, kitchen essentials, travel luggage, hand tools, electronics, solar powered items, home and garden decor, lanterns, sculptures, water fountains, tapestries, one-of-a-kind collectibles, and seasonal products. Give your home a makeover indoors and out. Browse through our listings and discover our latest selection of new products. We have something for everyone on your shopping list, him, her, or for that special someone who has it all.
Take advantage of our Special Sales. Receive 20% off any order totally $75.00, or more. Promotion is entered automatically during check out.

For complete descriptions, pictures, and prices of more than 600 of our products, please click on Products from the top of the list in the left sidebar. Then view the different categories in the Products Directory, scroll on  down, select,  and click on the product category of your choice. Browse for what you need. Click on it's picture, read about the product. When you locate the item that you want, click on Add To Cart to order the item. Then follow instructions to complete your order.

Additionally, all of our more than 3000 products are available in our big catalogue. Many  of these same products are in  one or more of our smaller  specialized color print catalogues. And any of these products in any of our print catalogues may be ordered through this website.

Or, if you perfer, any of these products in our print catalogues may be ordered by mail order.

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Then to read about each catalogue, click on the catalogue picture, read about the catalogue. When you have found the one that you need to order, click it on. Then note the catalogue picure in the new page. Enter quanity, and click on Add To Cart and follow instructions to complete your order.



For additional stone masonry tools, books, and equipment, please Click Here .